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Lets be frank!! Reggae Music, Jamaican Music was developed through the genius of captive Afrikans, using music as a tool to navigate oppression of the mind body and soul. It was also used as the ghetto oral newspaper. Wagwaan Jamaica Radio supports this ideology.


The original drum beats from Kumina an Afrikan - Jamaican construct from Bantu people of the Congo and   Jankunu, another construct from the Igbo people of West Afrika are all used within the misical form. Even the post christian construct of Zion Revival and Pocomania, or Pukkumina carries the same thread.


The  Rastafari movement is closely connected here to the chanting Zion Revivalist and Pukkumina followers. The world seem to forget this as the foundation argument for the rhythmic and cultural development of the music and focus on the association with rock and roll and rhythm and blues, although these originates from the same creative genius of Afrikan and Native peoples of the Americas with some european influences.


The Jamaica Observer in 2010 States that:


If you are like many people,the first person who comes to mind when thinking of Jamaican music is Bob Marley. However, Jamaican music transcends well beyond this one musical legend. Jamaica has a strong history in music stretching back to its roots, which was primarily based on drum beats and chants with a touch of European influence. Today, Jamaican music encompasses not only these roots but the influence of many genres of music, and serves as an influence in its own right for many international artistes. Without Jamaica, the world would never have known the sounds of Ska, Reggae or even Hip-Hop, all of which originated on this tiny island in the West Indies.


 Most of the pioneers of the early Jamaican music industry are some of the most creative musicians and producers the world have ever seen. Some of these greats made nothing from their work. Their original music have been stolen by major recording companies through the fraudulent activities of unscrupulous producers. We need to strengthen the foundation of Reggae through supporting these superstars by playing more foundation Reggae Music.


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